Biometric Screenings


The purpose of biometric health screenings is to provide actionable results through which an your company can affect positive health changes. Health + Sport Works achieves this through expert education for each of your participating staff member with regards to their results and the appropriate interventions and follow-up. We also work with your current healthcare provider to facilitate connection with existing health, wellness and disease management resources.

We provide a seamless set of options to compliment existing wellness efforts and help launch new initiatives. We offer anthropometric and biometric screening assessments that support a variety of HRA’s and interface with data management tools. Our team ensures confidential data collection and personal results interpretation. All assessments include standard biometric screenings and the blood panel of your choice. Interactive displays and handouts are also available to increase awareness and support behavior change.

Our experience providing screening for health plan and corporate clients is extensive and varied. Each screening includes foundational elements including HIPAA and GINA compliance, clinical practices that are consistent with CLIA standards (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), consistent screening protocols referenced to national benchmarking institutions, all with a warm, and welcoming personal experience for the participant.

Logistics are planned to provide a “least intrusive” experience for your business operations.
This includes but is not limited to screenings available for shift employees, field staff who reside away from a corporate office or campus, and dependents when included. In that screenings require fasting, HSW regularly starts screenings between 6:00 and 7:00 am (earlier at the request of the group) for participant comfort.

The results from the biometric screening are quantified in an aggregate form for your use and use by your approved business partners. We are able to provide any combination of raw data, analysis, intervention recommendations, return on investment expectations, or other requested results presentation.


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