Complete Corporate Wellness Programs


The first line of defense against rising healthcare costs is a healthier lifestyle. The average return on investment for a wellness program is $5.56 for every dollar invested by a business; the added benefit is that a wellness program is also a highly valued employee benefit and a key strategy to optimizing everyone’s healthcare investment.

With Health + Sport Works’ carefully crafted wellness programs, you get partner in this endeavor that helps you take your first steps in a new program or helps you renew the spirit of an existing program. As a premier provider of wellness for over two decades, we combine industry expertise with compassion and inspiration to share this journey with you.

Your business is unique and that you need a unique wellness plan to match. Health + Sport Works understands this. Our custom programs reflect your corporate culture and address your specific needs, with a trajectory that ends with sustainable wellness, where each of your employees assumes responsibility for their own health, benefitting all involved.

In addition to the tailored-for-you aspects of our programs, all programs include:

  • Biometric Screenings
  • BioSignia Technology
  • Personal Health Prescriptions
  • Corporate Health Mapping
  • HIPPA and GINA Compliance


10 Questions to Consider  Before Searching for a Wellness Program Partner