Country Club Fitness and Aquatic Management


Fitness and aquatic centers are more than just places to exercise – they can be the centerpiece of a community and should therefore strive to meet the individual needs of each member. These needs can range from newfound fitness goals, health, achievement, social connections, and adventure; a successful business model for each facility will ensure that these needs are met.

Using desired member experiences as a compass, Health + Sport Works manages fitness and aquatics with a unique service plan whose groundwork includes the unseen but essential elements of facility layout, design, new member recruitment, retention programs, staff development, maintenance, and facility renewal programs.

Aquatics management requires unique programming and operation. The challenges of maintaining a safe and appealing aquatic environment include maximizing the utilization of water throughout the day and using member-specific offerings to ensure a return on investment. Pools bring about the opportunities for community events and Health + Sport Works has success in all things aquatic, from hosting international aquatic events to managing community pools.

Our Services for Country Clubs includes:

  • Facility Operations
  • Fiscal Management
  • Start-up support
  • Retention Initiatives
  • Event Management
  • Turn-Key Programs


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