Our Story

Health + Sport Works was founded in 1989 with a passion for the transformative effect of good health. Our journey led us to many Individuals and groups, unique with their own needs and stories. Each enriched our collective understanding of the challenges in this elusive pursuit, and the steps to success. HSW clients are wide-ranging, from banking to manufacturing, municipalities to country clubs, and we serve each with a customized, goal driven approach. Our enduring relationships with each, is a testament to our effectiveness and delivering on promises.

Our team is diverse yet unified. Professionals include exercise physiologists, registered nurses, health educators, registered dietitians, aquatics managers and certified pool operators. We share a common standard of customer care and attention. This quality is perhaps our most defining feature.

You might ask how we equally service wellness, fitness and aquatic management. We focus on people, ours and yours. Our staff is well trained, prepared and led by experienced managers. We pride ourselves in low turnover and have a backlog of well qualified individuals seeking to join our team. Our staff is solely focus on our common goals, whether it is reducing the incidence of smoking in your workplace, hosting an international aquatic event or managing a community bootcamp training program. The value is in the additive effect. All skills come to bear on your unique need.

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