Key Health + Sport Works Team Members


Ansle Hudson - President

Ansle is the president of Health + Sport Works, having joined the company 25 years ago, acquiring it and spearheading the customer-focused business plan for since 1999. She has a degree in biology from the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and a Masters degree in human nutrition from Winthrop University.

Ansle’s specialty is corporate wellness including screening, intervention, data analysis,
outcomes and complex logistics. She is a Past President of the North Carolina Dietetic Association and was recognized nationally by the American Dietetic Association as a Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year.

When Ansle is not engaged in Health + Sport Works, she is a busily engaged mother of three girls with a passion for seeking a balanced blend for her family of work, school, fun and living well.

Donna Russell – Finance and Operations

Donna Russell went to school in Colorado at Larimer County Vo-Tech and has taken numerous accounting courses through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. She has also been a certified professional bookkeeper for 20 years. As the business manager for Health + Sports Works Donna keeps the business running smoothly. She tries to do something active everyday and her favorite rule when it comes to health is to cut your portions in half. When she’s not in the office or being active she likes to spend time reading and being with her family, including her husband, three children, and two grandchildren.

Tim Breiding – Communications and Marketing

Tim Breiding graduated from the University of Akron with a degree in Graphic design. He’s a firm believer that you should do the job well once instead of doing it poorly twice. He works from the office with a sharp eye for detail. Tim’s healthiest habit is to constantly stay on the move, whether it be traditional exercise or working around his house, which he built on his own. When not in the office Tim likes to tend to his construction projects and anything that allows him to work with his hands.

Amy Hanson – Wellness Manager

Amy Hanson graduated from the university of Florida with a bachelors in Science. She works in the field as a certified wellness coach and believes that “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Amy’s healthiest habit is giving her body time to rest by getting a good night’s sleep every night. She likes to exercise her creativity with the favorite hobby of painting and reimagining furniture. When not in the office Amy likes to spend time with her husband Jeff and their two teenage sons.

Nicole Offschanka – Wellness Manager

Nicole Offschanka graduated from West Chester University with a BS in Exercise Science. Nicole works mostly in the field, managing staff and coordinating work wellness screening events. Nicole loves to exercise in her free time because it gives her extra energy and boosts her mood, some of her favorite ways to exercise is to run or bike along both city sights and scenic trails. She believes that it’s the little steps that lead to the big difference, and likes to stay healthy by snacking on healthy foods during the day instead of junk food. When not in the office Nicole likes to spend time with her husband Eric, their three children, and her dog Maggie.


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