Population Health Assessments


Our hallmark service showcases the BioSignia Know Your Number™ Multi-dimensional Disease Risk Assessment. This state of the art technology redefines health risk assessments and brings physicians back into preventive health providing results in a measurable impact on employee outcomes. This approach includes results interpretation, personal goal setting and a comprehensive report.

You receive detailed risk stratification aggregate reporting and consultation on the elements of a comprehensive wellness work plan.

An effective wellness program starts with you, your participants, and your wellness partner understanding the current health profile of your company. Health+Sport Works health assessment enables you to do just that.

Our 42-question, NCQA-accredited health assessment tool collects health information to build your company’s health profile. This proprietary tool was developed by a clinical team of nurse practitioners and physicians with extensive expertise in health promotion and primary care. It is compliant with all state and federal regulations, including the GINA and HITECH regulations, and has been accredited by NCQA.

The health assessment includes a section for personal biometric data. This information is automatically uploaded for every individual who has participated in an onsite or remote biometric screening delivered by our team. The biometric values can also be self-entered by the participant. This data is included in the participant’s personal outcome report.

Your participants receive real-time Personal Outcome Report with an action plan after completing an assessment. The report provides:

  • Overall wellness and risk scores (low, moderate, or high risk)
  • Risk scores for exercise, diet, emotional health, preventive health, glucose, blood pressure, body mass index,
cholesterol, tobacco use, drug and
alcohol use, and safety
  • Recommendations for behavior and lifestyle changes
  • References to available online resources 

The Health + Sport Works Health Assessment Aggregate Outcome Report

  • Risk stratification (low, moderate, and high) of the participants
  • Demographic information
  • A company average Wellness Score
  • Health risks prevalence information
  • Aggregated outcomes for tobacco use, physical activity, diet and weight, stress, and alcohol/substance abuse
  • Readiness to change information
  • Health and wellness program recommendations


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